Course Price List

I am an independent instructor, so my courses are priced differently to what you might expect from dive centers. To ensure the best quality of training, and timescales tailored to your own rate of learning. It’s a simple way of calculating costs, but gives ultimate flexibility to shape your training for the optimum standards and desired outcomes.

You just pay me…

  • daily tuition charges only;
    • Recreational; $125USD per student, per day
    • Technical: $175USD per student, per day
  • Max three per course
  • Private lessons 50% extra tuition cost (on request)

You pay the supporting dive center…

  • any diving, gas or equipment costs involved, at their regular  priced customer diving rate (example costs below).
  • instructor diving/gas costs split between attending students

  • Where specified, course pricing is modular – based on daily tuition rate, plus dive costs, equipment rental (if reqd), manual, certification fee and gasses other than air, including instructor gas and dive fees.
  • All costs based upon course provision in Subic Bay. Please contact me for quotes at other locations.
  • All courses are performance based for certification – further days/dives, if reqd, are not included.
  • All courses require advance registration fee (1 day instructional rate
  • Balance of tuition fees is to be paid at the start of the course.  Dive/gas/equipment fees at the end.
  • All courses will be put on my calendar and opened up to other divers, unless private course is booked.


  • RAID – Purchased online via your account at Dive RAID (Recreational $65 / Technical $80)
  • PADI and TecRec – Prices vary depending on the course ($60-120), manual purchase includes certification

Agency Certification Fees

  • RAID – eCard is included in your initial course registration via your account at Dive RAID
  • PADI and TecRec– 2500php ($50) – for most courses, this is included in the cost of the manual

Diving/Boat Fees

  • Shallow Skills Training (pool or beach) – 1000php ($20) per day unlimited tanks
  • Recreational Dives – 1400php ($27) per dive per pax
  • Technical Dives – 1800php ($35) per dive per pax

Gas Costs

  • Nitrox <40% – 250php ($5) per cylinder
  • Nitrox >41% –  500php ($10) per cylinder
  • Helium –  Due to fluctuating prices, this can only be quoted shortly prior to the course date.

*Gas costs includes instructor gas

Equipment Hire

  • Sidemount BCD and Regulators – 1000php ($20) per day
  • Technical BCD – 350php ($6) per day
  • Technical and deco regulators – 600php ($12) per regulator, per day
  • Canister Torch – 420php ($8) per day
  • Dive Computer/Bottom Timer – 500php ($10) per day (required 1x for Rec / 2x for Tec courses)
  • Pony Cylinder and Regulator – 1000php ($20) per day (required for deep/wreck courses)
  • Recreational Scuba BCD/Regulator/Wetsuit/Mask/Fins – 1000php ($20) per day (jacket or wing style BCD)

* Prices are subject to change/fluctuation and vary depending on the supporting dive center.

* All fees for diving, gasses and equipment rental are payable directly to the hosting dive operation at their current rates (as per their normal fun diving rates).

* Quoted prices represent Subic Bay average prices only.

* Once a course is scheduled, we confirm the hosting dive center and you can contact them directly for dive pricing.