Sidemount Diving DVD Instructional

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* This is a recommended course material for all of my sidemount courses (PADI, TecRec and ANDI). *

Sidemount Diving DVD – with Jill Heinerth and Jeff Loflin

Dive pros Jill Heinerth and Jeff Loflin lead you through the fundamentals of sidemount diving. Equipment selection, gear setup, techniques and skills are covered in this comprehensive video guide.

From beginner to professional – recreational, cave, or wreck diver,you will find useful tools to help you improve your diving. Filmed in underwater locations around the world, featuring leading sidemount divers including Nick HollisBrian KakukJakub Rehacek and more.

from producer Robert McClellan:

“We wanted to make it as easy as possible for divers to view the Sidemount Diving video, on any platform that they prefer, I don’t know if anyone in the dive training field has done this before, but Jill and Jeff decided to create this project as a truly transmedia experience. Divers can watch it immediately on a laptop, PC, iPods and iPads, smart phones, or if they would like a physical DVD, they can order one from the very same viewer in which they watch the trailer. It is really about giving the audience a choice.”

“The technology behind the multimedia viewer is at the leading edge of the twenty-first century film distribution model,” said McClellan, “and this year, we plan to release two more films, documentaries, using this amazing platform. There is no need to have a middleman, or a gatekeeper between the filmmakers the audience.”

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