Cave Diving and Closed Circuit

Rebreather (CCR) Courses

Interested in cave diving and/or closed circuit rebreather qualification?

Want to participate in remote cave expeditions to virgin cave systems?

Scuba Tech Philippines works in conjunction with A.N.D.I Instructor Trainer Director, Bruce Konefe, to help arrange  cave and CCR training courses in the Philippines. There are also annual remote cave diving expeditions and virgin wreck exploration projects.

Bruce visits the Philippines regularly to conduct training and diving – so please contact me, if you want more information or are interested in booking a course.

Cave Diving | Closed Circuit Rebreather | CCR | Philippines

Bruce Konefe – ANDI Instructor Training Director #15

A former U.S.M.C. Combat Engineer, Bruce Konefe has been diving for over 30 years, focused exclusively to technical, cave and closed-circuit rebreather diving since 1995. Certificed as an ANDI instructor training director, Bruce is available to teach the full range of ANDI technical courses, including most models of CCR.

Previous technical experience includes: Expeditionary wreck diving on 10 ancient pottery wrecks in Thailand and Vietnam – in conjunction with national museums, exploratory research and diving on virgin WWII wrecks in the Gulf of Thailand, support, stage and rehearsal diver for deep cave penetrations and world depth record warm-ups, using open-circuit and CCR to depths in the 200-260m range. Dove in the 3-man team on the Yamashiro/Fuso battleship project, Philippines. Instrumental in the discovery and exploration of virgin cave systems (25+) in Thailand and the Philippines, organizing numerous expeditions. NSS-CDS Safety Director for Thailand. ANDI course author and instructor for hyperbaric operator and dive medic courses.

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ANDI Cavern and Cave Courses – Philippines

The full range of cavern and cave diving courses is available in the Philippine.  Courses can be taught on open-circuit, sidemount or CCR, if the student is qualified on the appropriate unit and level.

Level Two Cavern course

Designed with no-deco and allows you to dive into a cavern zone carrying only a single tank and redundant breathing system. Penetration is taught, but restricted to the daylight zone. Skills include; out-of-air drills and line laying. 3-4 Days.

Level Three Cave course

Full penetration, double tanks, line laying and decompression diving. Training covers the proper procedures for lost buddy, lost line and entanglement scenarios.

Level Four Full Cave course

Using full technical equipment, develops procedures for penetration through smaller restrictions and includes Jump and Gap techniques.

Level Five Cave course

The highest cave rating, at expeditionary level. Teaches deep cave exploration, allowing maximum safety through the effective use of optimized O2 and He mixes. Also includes topics, such as; use of deco habitat, O2 habitat deco and staging multiple tanks in the cave.

Remote Cave Diving Expeditions – Philippines

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Bruce has been organizing remote cave diving expeditions in the Philippines since 2007 – providing a unique opportunity for qualified cave divers to undertake truly adventurous dives on virgin, unexplored cave systems, often in remote jungle areas. Previous expeditions have been conducted in Samar, Mindanao, Cebu and Bohol.

Check out the photo albums of past expeditions:

2012 Lake Bababu Cave Expedition

2011 Samar Cave Expedition

2011 Sultan Kudarat Cave Expedition

2009 Samar Cave Expedition

Thailand Cave Exploration

Cave Exploring in Asia

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Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) – Inspiration/Evolution/Hammerhead/Pelagian and KISS

Unit qualification is available on the Inspiration, Evolution, Hammerhead, Pelagian and KISS closed circuit rebreathers at ANDI  training levels 3 to 5.

CCR Level 3

If open-circuit trimix qualified, this qualification course allows trimix decompression to 50m. Without OC trimix, the course allows 40m max depth. Highly recommended in conjunction with overhead-environment (cave) training.

CCR Level 4

The intermediate trimix CCR course – permitting normoxic 0yxgen mixtures with helium to a depth of 60 meters. Bottom limits are 3.6 PN2 and with He 16% minimum.

 CCR Level 5

Advanced trimix CCR – maximum training depth 100m.

Deep Tec Thailand Closed Circuit Rebreather Courses from Scuba Tech Philippines on Vimeo.

About ANDI International

ANDI International is one of the world’s fastest growing diver training agencies. ANDI began by specializing in training programs for Enriched Air Nitrox) diving. As a natural evolution from SafeAir®, ANDI developed training programs for what has now become known as Technical diving and Closed Circuit Rebreather systems. To meet the demands of our international network of training facilities, in 1999 ANDI introduced a unique methodology for training entry-level divers with the ANDI Open Water Sport Diver program.

Since our origin in 1988, ANDI has expanded throughout the world with Regional Headquarters located in the United Kingdom, Israel, Australia, Sweden, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Japan, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, Republic of Maldives, Republic of Philippines, Latin America, Middle East and the home office in the United States of America. To meet the needs of these regional markets ANDI developed educational material in many languages in addition to English.

ANDI has developed a multifaceted training system with comprehensive programs. These include Openwater Sport Diver, Dive Medic, SafeAir® User courses, Technical and Exploration programs, Rebreather training for SCR and CCR systems, specialty-focused training and a full offering of technician and instructor programs. ANDI’s growth throughout the world is due to ANDI’s commitment to quality education, quality training materials, the highest operational standards and a dedication to customer service.

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