Advanced Recreational Wreck Diving, Subic Bay, Philippines


Going beyond a standard ‘Wreck Diver’ course and exploring the full range of training and equipment available to recreational divers who seek to dive safely and confidently in a wreck environment.

This video was taken during an ‘Advanced Recreational Wreck’ workshop in Subic Bay, over 4 days of intensive training and diving.  It illustrates extended training opportunities beyond the 2-day/4-dive recreational wreck diving courses.

Topics covered include:

1) Equipment considerations, effective redundancy and essential kit drills for wreck diving.

2) Advanced guideline deployment, penetration planning and line retrieval.

3) Low/Zero visibility familiarization and practice.

4) Critical situation contingency drills, including; lost line drill, lost buddy drill and exit searches.

5) Progressively demanding, actual penetration practice within recreational limits.


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