CCR Megalodon Rebreather – Preparation Videos

Technical Diving knowledge share by Andy Davis


An excellent series of six instructional videos produced by Andreas W. Matthes of  ProTecPlaya for, showing critical preparation steps for diving the Megalodon CCR.

Interested in training on the Megalodon CCR in the Philippines or Thailand?  

Check out the page for Bruce Konefe’s CCR courses at diver and instructor level!

ccr megalodon rebreather philippinesMegalodon™ CCR: Nicknamed the Meg, it is the ISC flagship model. The system has been in production for 8 years and there are over 1000 Meg CCR systems in the field. The Meg has been used all over the world and used as deep as 742ffw/224mfw. The Megalodon CCR has a reputation for reliability and can withstand extreme use. The Meg may be integrated with several types of electronic systems, scrubber sizes and types, gas supply cylinders, harness and BC assemblies. There are 21 versions of the Meg to support customer needs. The Meg is being used as a side mounted system for penetration into extreme enclosed spaces and doubled up as a twin system for CCR redundancy for extreme deep diving operations where carrying open circuit bailout is impractical.


Part 1 –  Introduction, Tanks and Counter-Lungs

Check out this review of the Megalodon by Curt Bowden in Advanced Diver Magazine!

Part 2 – Scrubber and Sorb

Part 3 – Head Assembly

Part 4 – Calibration and Loop Test

Part 5 – Unit Assembly Head & Loop

Part 6 –  Positive, Negative & Unit Function Test