DiveRite Nomad LS

Nomad LS sidemount

The latest (September 2016) release from DiveRite.  The Nomad LS incorporates a more streamlined design that also helps keep most of the buoyancy over the hips for better trim.  It comes with a deluxe-type harness, but this is removable if the diver wanted to fit a more minimalist simple webbing harness.  The LPI and OPV are fitted into the inside of the wing, for greater protection in overhead environments.

There is an option to buy the Nomad LS with an extra 10 lbs. (4.5 kg)  redundant bladder.  The wing also uses a newly designed ‘Adjustable Bungee System’, which is claimed to allow swifter user adjustment without typing knots.

It’s not clear from the DiveRite website whether the butt-plate is removable.  If it’s not removable then it limits rear mounting options for divers using aluminum cylinders.  If using Loop bungees, then D-rings located at the wing-waist attachment point are probably sufficient. You’d need to add extra D-rings at the front of the waist-strap for when aluminum cylinders became buoyant.

  • Buoyancy:  35lbs/15.8 kg
  • Material: Outer -SuperFabric™ material with double ply 600 denier fabric. Inner- Heavy duty 420 denier nylon laminated
  • Weight:  Med: 5.7 lbs. (2.59 kg)
  • User Manual: Not yet available online
  • Manufacturer Link:DiveRite Nomad LS


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