Halcyon have finally released their much anticipated sidemount offering: the Halcyon Contour.  Whilst sidemount diving has not (yet) been accepted for inclusion to the GUE syllabus, this does signify a potential future ‘DIR’ sidemount aspect amongst GUE (Jarrod Jablonski has opened the doors to this future possibility in the latest GUE quest).

Halcyon Contour Sidemount

Initially reminiscent of the OMS Tesseract/Profile, DiveRite Nomad and Oxycheq Armadillo style of ‘long wing’ with an ‘anti-taco’ soft backplate and butt-plate/rails. The Halcyon Contour sidemount BCD is certainly modelled towards Edd Sorenson’s configuration. Initial test  reports state it is very stable and balanced in the water.  It looks more bulky than the Razor and Stealth and the wing is a massive 50lbs of buoyancy – overkill perhaps…  At the quoted price of $849.00USD, the Contour is also very top-of-the-range’ for cost.

The Halcyon Contour sidemount wing is pre-shaped, so doesn’t need any bungees for ‘shaping/restricting’ the wing to retain greater buoyancy over the lower torso (very necessary with sidemount). Multiple/adjustable shoulder D-rings and the chest strap may seem superfluous to some sidemounters…

Halcyon Contour Sidemount BCD

The following product description was quoted on the Extreme Exposure website:

The Contour SM comes from the factory as a turnkey side mount system. The unit can be dove side mount out of the box without the modifications that many other units on the market require.

The Contour SM has a unique shaped wing allowing your center of gravity to be moved further down the body to accommodate the lower side mount cylinders meaning easier to trim out for the SM diver. The unique shaped wing requires no bungies for wing shape control. 50 pounds of buoyancy.

The easily dumped top OPV is protected from abuse on the on the inside of the wing. The enclosed over the shoulder OPV strings allow for easy buoyancy control without trapping the line. Large OPV dump pull button proved for ease of location. The high wear areas at the top of the wing and back plate are protected with SuperFabric Adjustable door handles Adjustable crotch strap Adjustable Cylinder bungies Multiple mounting holes and 1”d rings for Argon bottles, light canisters, spools and reels Bottom mounted corrugated hose with inflator attaches easily to chest strap or shoulder strap H styles harness proves adjustable chest strap. Complete with 4 adjustable d rings on the adjustable shoulder straps and two d rings on the waist strap configurable to the diver’s needs.

It is not CE certified and CE testing is planned in the future.

Halcyon Contour Cave Diving

Initial reviews coming through online include some American Cave luminaries:

“Have over 50 dives on this rig now and think it will be a competitive system on the market. Using the door handles for steel 85’s works well and outfitting the waist band with low profile D rings (2 each side) works well for AL 80’s. Have done 5 tanks stage exploration dives with it and it hauls weight well. Only carried two steels (side mounts) and 3 stages (AL 80’s) with it at once and staged the other cylinder in the cave the day before. Pick up and drop offs no worries. Have not seen the production model yet, but I put a stronger 3/8″ bungee on mine an got rid of the clips. Also got rid of the canister bungees as I install my own canister holding system. Thought the extra bladder material might be a problem on backing out of grinders, but turned out not to be an issue. Have done side mount, and single tank restrictions with it and it does well. Aside from the price, I think this will be another good option for side mounters who need a lot of lift”.  Brian Kakuk – Cave Diving and Technical Diving Adventures

“I was one of the test divers for this so I logged almost 20 dives in it. Nice right out of the box, no bungees on the wing (not needed), very stable and balanced. It is modeled from Edd Sorenson’s config. For those that don’t know, Edd is Cave Country’s (Florida) Guru. Once again, great quality & performance from Halcyon”. Wayne Fishe – The Scuba Connection.

And this review from Scuba Tech Dive Center, in Cyprus:  Halcyon Contour Sidemount Reviewed.

halcyon contour sidemount BCD

Photo of the halcyon contour sidemount BCD, showing weighting options

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