‘M Bungee’ Super-Minimalist Sidemount Rig

I had some spare time the other afternoon, so I took the opportunity to test-dive a concept I’ve had brewing for a while.  Basically, it is a harness-less sidemount rig, using an ‘M’ shape continuous bungee to secure the upper wing whilst providing traditional mounting points for sidemount cylinder valves.  The wing is secured at the bottom to a regular scuba diving weight belt. The belt has 2 D-rings attached for lower cylinder attachment.

Here’s the video, showing the concept ‘shake-out’ in the pool followed by a dive (27m/45 mins)… it was fun!

The video was shot in Anilao, Philippines.

I had 2x 2lbs trim weights on my cylinder bands.  That’s all the weight I would need (diving boardies and rash guard).  It was very maneuverable and I felt very much in control.  I expected the bungee to exert some pressure across the back of the neck, but during the dive I didn’t notice anything – it was very comfortable.

The only addition I would make is a second set of D-rings on the waist belt for further cylinder trim refinement, along with a bolt-snap and bungee extension to secure the LPI across my chest (attached to the opposite shoulder bungee).

M-Bungee Sidemount Rig

As simple, streamlined and lightweight as it gets… especially for diving doubles.

m-bungee sidemount rig

Showing the M-Bungee sidemount rig top-side. The weight belt isn’t attached, but you can see the loops where it is retained.

M-bungee-sidemount rig

Basic illustration of the concept. Small BCD is in the lower back, secured to weight belt. Bungee runs from the top of the BCD, under the shoulders and behind the neck – providing support and cylinder attachment point.

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