Ship Wrecks of the Philippines

If you are a diver, a historian or a Pacific War Buff, this eBook release will go a long way toward satisfying your need for information about the shipwrecks of the Philippines.

For the first time, the book publishes a chronological list of Philippines area shipwrecks, covering all World War II vessels above 500 tons. Over 1,280 wrecks are listed, along with illustrations and photographs.

Wrecks are listed in date order, including the vessel’s name, date of loss, tonnage and dimensions, route taken and cargo listing. Many of the known wrecks also include GPS coordinates, along with cause of sinking and details on whether salvage has been conducted upon them.

The book should be of interest to many Philippines based/visiting scuba divers who enjoy wreck diving, along with the wreck explorers and dive centers.

Philippines ship wrecks

Listed by ‘Date of Loss’, the book contains a detailed chronology of Philippines WWII wrecks – including GPS coordinates, where known.

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