New Release: The Nomad LT EXTREME

DiveRite have released an “EXTREME” version of their popular Nomad LT sidemount system…

Nomad LT extreme sidemount

The major difference with the Extreme version of the Nomad LT is increased wing buoyancy capacity to 35lbs/16kg.  This offers more options to technical divers and cold-water divers using heavier steel cylinders and stages, whilst still retaining the small size and compactness that many appreciate about the Nomad LT.

There is also the option of getting a dual / redundant bladder – which has a buoyancy of 22lbs/10kg.  This may be a popular choice with some technical divers, especially those not using drysuits.  Some training agencies, such as PADI, demand redundant buoyancy for technical training.  The Nomad LT Extreme meets these requirements, making it one of the few true tropical-tech sidemount BCDs on the market.

It has an  integrated ‘deluxe-style’ webbing harness and padded shoulder and crotch straps.  This may not be popular with minimalist and hogarthian divers, but will appeal to the blossoming recreational sidemount market who are tentatively stepping away from traditional ‘jacket BCD’ designs.  It not clear whether the integrated deluxe harness can be removed and swapped with a single-piece continuous webbing harness system. The option to choose and change between harness types is typically valued by experienced sidemount and technical divers.

Nomad LT extreme sidemount

The inflator is top-mounted, with two OPV dump-valves located on the outside of each lower corner of the triangular wing.  Some overhead environment divers might dislike these locations, as they can provoke wear-and-tear at critical areas if passing through tight restrictions.  The location and ease-of-access to both the LPI and OPVs will present initial advantages and familiarity to newly qualified and recreational-only sidemount divers.  The Nomad LT Extreme is also shipped with DiveRite’s ring bungee system and chokers.

Nomad LT EXTREME Technical Specifications:

  • Buoyancy:  35lbs / 16kg (Dual/Redundant Bladder 22.b/10kg Ooption also available)
  • Material:  Outer – SuperFabric brand technology & 1000 denier Cordura | Inner –  210 denier nylon laminate
  • Weight:  5.75lbs / 2.61kg
  • User Manual:  Nomad LT User Manual
  • Manufacturer Link:  DiveRite Nomad LT EXTREME

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