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Sidemount Modifications

Bungee Hook Triglides

Agir-Brokk have released a good modification/upgrade option that will work with any sidemount BCD that uses torso bungees as a means of securing the wing to the diver (i.e. X-Deep Stealth 2.0, Razor etc)

sidemount modifications bungee hooks 1

The bungee hooks replace standard D-rings on the upper rear crotch strap and the waist.  They include hooks through which the sidemount wing bungees can be easily secured (and removed).  Some sidemount divers will prefer this to the ‘original’\ method of torso-wrapping the bungees.

sidemount modifications bungee hooks 2

Agir-Brokk sell these as a kit of 3. One on each hip and one to the crotch strap.
Listed RRP is 20€

More information at Agir-Brokk’s website:  Bungee Hook Triglides

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