In addition to his excellent range of  custom Sidemount Hardware, Andrew Goring at SUMP UK produces several variants of sidemount harness and even a sidemount wing.    With Andrew’s consultation, you can easily build yourself a totally custom sidemount rig – to perfectly fit your specifications and unique needs….

sump uk sidemount bcd

Andrew Goring demonstrates the SUMP UK sidemount at EuroTek Camp UK 2016 (central OPV version)

 SUMP UK produces a wide range of custom sidemount hardware, which allows a variety of harness options to be created.  You can choose either a ‘V’ or ‘H’ style harness and specify which custom hardware (D-rings, offset-rings, buckles, sliding D-rings etc etc) that you want.

The basic wing is available in black or camo nylon.  It is a basic triangle design wing, with LPI and OPV on each side.

sump uk sidemount camo wing

Camo and black versions of the SUMP UK sidemount BCD, with offset OPV

sump uk sidemount v harness

SUMP UK Sidemount BCD – LPI/OPV inside for greater protection in overhead environments

SUMP UK also sell an oral-inflation redundant wing, that you can add to their system… or any other system you may already own.  This is a good option for adding redundancy – which some tech diving agencies require (not from lift bags etc).

sump uk sidemount redundant bcd oral

Given that SUMP UK is an Aladdin’s cave of sidemount hardware – you can guess that your configuration options are almost endless.

sump uk sidemount harness hardware options

An example of harness options using SUMP UK custom hardware

sump uk sidemount harness

You can contact Andrew directly via his Facebook Page to discuss your requirements for a sidemount harness and wing.

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