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Originally posted 2019-02-24 15:33:53. Scuba Q and A: Why Do Divers Use Nitrox? Question: What are the advantages of Nitrox diving?   Answer:  There are several advantages to using nitrox as a scuba diving gas. Only the first benefit is commonly taught at novice level diving. Reduced Inert-Gas Absorption This is the primary, sometimes only, […]


Originally posted 2019-02-24 14:20:37. Scuba Q and A: Why Do Decompression Divers Use Nitrox? Q. Why do decompression divers need to use nitrox in the shallower part of their dive? Answer: A diver absorbs or releases inert gas based on the positive or negative partial pressure differential of those gases in their breathing mix and […]

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Decompression Gases – Efficiency Ratios Deco Gas Efficiency Ratio Air 1:1 32% 1:1.6 36% 1:1.21 40% 1:1.26 50% 1:1.32 80% 1:1.36 100% 1:1.40 Theoretical efficiency ratios for decompression gas options.