Technical Wreck Course Video

Subic Bay, Philippines 2013

 In September 2013, I managed to get some good footage from an ANDI Technical Wreck course, run in Subic Bay.  The course took place over 5 days and was 6 dives (although we did some extra too!).  

My student, Alex (Zen Diver) had previously completed technical diving training with me – and the technical wreck course was the culmination of a long and demanding progression of skill and ability.

During the course, we dove the USS New York ACR-2, the USS Majaba (El Capitan), USS Lanakai, a Landing Ship Tank, a Landing Craft Utility and a Japanese L2D ‘Tabby’ WWII transport aircraft. Dives contained extensive penetrations and decompression.

The course is very much aligned with the training provided on ‘Full Cave’ level training.  It started with an extensive shallow water session that further developed core foundational skills, such as buoyancy, propulsion (non-silting), communication and team protocols.  Following a morning of dry-land training, we progressed these skills in the water with a 90+ minute session on guideline laying, emergency protocols; including air-sharing on a line and through restrictions, lost line, lost buddy and entanglement, followed by a repetition of all drills and skills using the black mask to replicate operating in zero visibility.

Then followed a series of actual penetration dives into varied wrecks. The dives were of progressing complexity and ventured beyond the light zone and through varied restrictions (confined areas). There were numerous simulated emergencies and failures during those dives and, of course, Alex had the added stress of planning and managing the dive profiles and gas requirements. This is a major task on situational awareness and task loading.

Alex opted to conduct the technical wreck course using back-mounted doubles, but I can also provide all training using sidemount doubles.

technical wreck course, subic bay, philippines

The ANDI Technical Wreck course aims to develop the skills, knowledge and procedures required for technical level divers to operate safely in the overhead wreck environment. The course focuses on penetration and guidelines skills, along with a team approach for safe and controlled exploration inside areas of shipwrecks that pose significant hazards.

The course explains the dangers, risks, mitigating procedures and necessary techniques involved while technical diving in the overhead wreck environment, going beyond the daylight zone, beyond 40m/130ft linear distance from the surface, through restrictions and in confined spaces.

Technical Wreck Course – In a nutshell:

Course Goal:  Technical Wreck Penetration
Course Duration: 3 Days
Number of Dives: 5
Key Areas:  Advanced Dive Planning, Guideline Deployment and Retrieval, Team Skills, Situational Awareness, Lost Line Emergency Protocol, Lost Diver Emergency Protocol, Entanglement Protocol, Cut/Snapped Line Protocol, Visual and Tactile Communications, Air-Sharing Egress, Passage Through Restrictions, Zero Visibility Drills, Light-Failure Protocol..
Course Cost: See Price List

Technical Wreck Course Duration

4 days* with classroom, practical workshops and 6 dives

Day 1 – Classroom theory, equipment workshop, surface practice of penetration protocols.
Day 2 – Skills training dives 1 – 2
Day 3 – Wreck penetration dives 3 – 4
Day 4 – Wreck penetration dives 5 –  6

*A 5 day program is recommended if you prefer a more relaxed training program or more time to refine skills.

The course is performance based, not time based.