Technical Sidemount

The Technical Sidemount Course provides structured training for existing, or prospective, technical divers who

sidemount technical-diving-courses-subic-philippineswish to transition into using sidemount configuration for their diving.

The course includes, knowledge development and practical applications, allowing divers to learn how to properly set-up and configure sidemount kits, including deco and stage tanks. Divers also participate in a series of demanding confined and open water training sessions, enabling them to get the most out of this ground-breaking approach to scuba diving.

Technical  Sidemount Course Goals

Once certified, divers will be able to use sidemount equipment, including 2 or more stages, comfortably for all technical diving activities, including participation on subsequent specialty and technical level courses in that configuration.

Tec45-Sidemount Course Subic Bay

Technical Sidemount Course Content

  • 3x Practical Application Sessions
  • Confined Water – Foundation Skills Dive
  • 2x Open Water Dives (Double Cylinder)
  • 2x Dives Double Cylinders, plus 1-2 Stages

Technical Sidemount Prerequisites

  • Advanced Open Water Diver (*Nitrox recommended)
  • 18 years or over
  • 30 Logged Dives

Course Durationsidemount-technical-diving-philippines

4 days* with classroom, practical workshops and 6 dives

Day 1 – Classroom theory, equipment workshop
Day 2 – Skills training dives 1 – 2
Day 3 – Sidemount dives 3 – 4
Day 4 – Sidemount dives 5 –  6

*A 5 day program is recommended if you prefer a more relaxed training program or more time to refine skills.

The course is performance based, not time based.


Successful completion of this training enables the award of either RAID Sidemount or TecRec Tec Sidemount qualification.

Tec Sidemount Course Philippines

Tec Sidemount student on a training dive in Anilao, Philippines (March 2013)

Why Technical Sidemount?

Sidemount diving is one of the most exciting developments in scuba  for many years. It combines the advantages of streamlining, flexibility, redundancy and safety into an easy-to-transport configuration, that can be used easily with standard scuba tanks from any dive center.

For divers who operate within the overhead environment (wreck and cave), it provides an exceptionally low-profile method to carry necessary gas, whilst allowing penetration within the most confined spaces.

How can Sidemount be amalgamated into my technical dive training?

Once qualified as a technical sidemount diver, all subsequent technical training can be conducted in sidemount configuration.

Technical Diving Sidemount Course Philippines

Andy Davis completes decompression stop with Tec Sidemount and Tec40 student.

What equipment do I require..?

Below is a list of the equipment you require for making technical dives in sidemount configuration, you may bring your own, or I can supply it for you. If you alredy have sidemount kit, I can assist you with refining the configuration for the most benefit during the course:

  • Mask, Fins & Suitable Exposure Protection
  • 2 Primary Regulators and 1st Stages
  • 1-2 Deco Regulators
  • 1.5 to 2m long regulator hose
  • Sidemount Harness & BCD (approved by instructor prior to the course) See List of Sidemount BCDs
  • Dive Tables or Laptop Technical Dive Planning Software
  • 2 x Depth Gauge & Dive Timer (or Dive Computer)
  • Cutting Device or Knife
  • Slate with Pencil
  • Two Surface Signaling Devices (whistle & SMB or signal mirror)
  • DSMB and Reel (of sufficient length to deploy at planned bottom depth)
  • Compass
  • Pocket
  • Configuration Equipment (spare bungee, double ended bolt snaps, cable ties and mouthpiece)
sidemount technical diving equipment philippines

The Tec Sidemount course is equipment intensive - proper configuration and use is covered in-depth.


Contact me to discuss your training requirements.

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