Advanced Wreck Course

RAID-diving philippinesINTRODUCTION

The RAID Advanced Wreck course provides truly advanced-level wreck penetration skills to experienced divers at a recreational level.  It is totally overhead environment focused and goes well beyond the introductory wreck training typically provided on other agency wreck diver specialty programs (such as the Basic Wreck Diver course).

wreck penetration diving training course philippines subic bay

The exclusive 4-day advanced wreck course is well suited to experienced recreational divers and those seeking comprehensive wreck penetration diving skills, along with access to more refined equipment configurations and gas options.  It can be defined as ‘advanced recreational’ or ‘tecreational’ level training.  It is also designed to provide a solid foundation for higher level wreck penetration training (technical wreck).

All training is completed with Andy Davis, renown technical wreck instructor with over 27 years wreck diving experience across the globe.  This course features skills and protocols typically only seen on elite level technical wreck courses.


  • Use of redundant breathing systems (‘Intro-to-Doubles’ included on the course, if desired)
  • Precision Dive Planning and Gas Management
  • Team Diving Skills and Effective In-Water Communication
  • Wreck Emergency Protocols and Procedures
  • Penetration Guideline and Overhead Environment Emergency Skills

Training dives include; One (1) Confined Water and Six (6) Training Dives.  Penetration is permitted within the light zone only, in clear view of an unobstructed exit point and no restrictions where divers cannot pass through together whilst sharing air

advanced wreck training philippines


  • RAID Advanced 35 or equivalent
  • 15 Years of age
  • Register for FREE at


This is a 4 day course, consisting of one shallow water skills module and 6 dives.

Day #1

  • Morning – Theory, Equipment and Dry Skills
  • Afternoon – Confined Water: Wreck Fundamental Skills

Day #2

  • Morning – Two Dives:  Communication and Emergencies + Penetration Research
  • Afternoon – Confined Water:  Redundant Gas Use (doubles or single + pony)

Day #3

  • Morning – Two Dives:  Guideline and Team Drills + Wreck Penetration Dive
  • Afternoon – Dry Skills and Rehearsal

Day #4

  • Morning – Two Wreck Penetration Dives
  • Afternoon – Final debrief

All skills developed during this program are applied cumulatively; so the skills learned on the first dive will be applied on each successive dive. A high standard of mastery is applied throughout the entire program and certification is entirely performance-based.

advanced wreck course subic bay philippines


– Why wreck dive?
– The nature of wreck diving
– How to access wrecks properly
– How to choose appropriate wreck sites
– Choosing instruments for wreck diving
– Advanced Wreck diving equipment
– Wreck penetration
– The parameters of wreck diving
– RAID’s 10 point guide to wreck diving
– Buddy System and Wreck Diving
– Specialty Equipment for Wreck Diving
– Lines and Reels (Advanced)
– Navigating Wrecks
– Basic Mapping and Surveying
– Dangers and Risks with Wreck Diving
– Emergency Procedures for Wreck Diving
– Logging Wreck Dives
– What you can do to further your knowledge and skill

wreck penetration training course subic philippines



  • Gas Analysis and record keeping review
  • Precision dive planning for safe wreck diving
  • Equipment configuration and stowage
  • Use of primary guideline reel and safety reel
  • Entanglement procedures
  • Loss of guide line procedures
  • Loss of buddy procedures
  • Light failure procedures
  • Loss of breathing gas & gas sharing procedures
  • Silt out conditions or loss of visibility procedures


  • Wreck orientation and layout
  • Non-Silting Propulsion
  • Pre-penetration Safety Drill
  • Guideline reel handling, line laying and line awareness
  • Guideline penetration skills, including;
    • Team following of guideline
    • Out-of-gas/air-sharing guideline exits
    • Zero visibility, touch contact, team guideline exits
    • Out-of-gas/air-sharing guideline exit in zero visibility
  • Penetration emergency procedures, including;
    • Lost buddy
    • Loss of line
    • Entanglement
    • Emergency Gas Sharing
    • Light failure
    • Valve manipulation
  • Ascent Procedures
  • Wreck Penetration Exploration inside the light zone


I offer three recreational wreck courses. To help prospective students choose the course that most fits their needs, the table below contains the outline details of the courses I run:

raid padi wreck



4 Days  $600

Stated cost includes all tuition and instruction from Andy Davis

  • Max 3 per course
  • Scheduled courses will be run even if just one student
  • Discounts available for group booking
  • Private lessons available at 50% surcharge
  • Training in Subic Bay or Anilao, Philippines
  • Other locations available on consultation
  • Courses can be scheduled to meet your requirements
  • 25% non-refundable deposit to confirm attendance on course

Tuition Cost excludes: Course registration fees, as per RAID website. Course facility fees covering tank rentals, nitrox/trimix fills and boat costs as required.  Instructor expenses – split between students.


For more details, or to schedule a course, please CONTACT ME

advanced wreck penetration diving course subic bay philippines