Pre-Release Peak – The Apeks WSX-45

apeks wsx-45 sidemount

The Apeks WSX-45 is expected to be released in late 2016.  The harness system will be identical to the WX-25, but the larger wing features 45 lbs/20kg of buoyancy – making it more suitable for mixed-gas technical diving.  Like the WSX-25 it has reversible left/right LPI and OPV on the lower corners, along with an OPV  at the tail of the wing.  An addition that the WSX-25 doesn’t have is an inflator connection on the inside left shoulder. There will also be an add-on redundant bladder option with the same materials and dimensions.

  • Buoyancy:  45lbs / 20kg
  • Material:      Armoguard material (10x more abrasion resistance than cordura)
  • Weight:         Not yet available
  • User Manual:  Not yet available
  • Manufacturer Link: Not yet available


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