The AudaxPro  Sidemount ‘Point Break’ BCD

Audaxpro Sidemount BCD

The Italian manufactured ‘Point Break’ from Audaxpro sidemount is available in 9 colors (red, yellow, blue, black, white, orange, gray, turquoise and fuchsia) and provides 8kg of buoyancy.

  • Buoyancy: 18lb / 8kg
  • Material:  Outer: nylon TEXTANE A / B 210 with polyamide coating HT Inner: nylon TEXTANE A / B 210
  • Weight:  1.9kg / 4.2lb
  • Manual:  Not yet available
  • Manufacturer Link:  Audaxpro ‘Point Break’
Audaxpro Sidemount System

 From the AudaxPro site:

DESCRIPTION POINT BREAK is the Side Mount version of our production. It is a jacket thought for speleology, but it is ideal for dives in open water.

HARNESS The harness is composed by the plate and the HT polyester straps and it is divided in 2 parts. In the upper part of the harness there is a support in acetal nylon, that is covered with HT polyamide and pre-stressed expansion of 2,5 mm. The shoulder straps and the central band cross in the support. The shoulder straps are covered and realized in HT polyamide and pre-stressed expansion of 2,5 mm. On each shoulder strap there is a D-ring in stainless steel, which is not sewn, and then adjustable at will, and 2 elastic bands, 50 mm. each, to secure the accessories. The shoulder straps are fixed to a loop, square-shaped, in HT polyester. On every side of the square a stainless steel oval ring is sewn: they are useful for the passing of the shoulder straps and their regulation. The central band is fixed to the lower part of the square loop and to the acetal nylon support. Once the band passes through the support, it is possible to regulate it according to 3 different positions and it is secured by a stainless steel screw. The crotch belt is fixed to the oval ring placed on the below side of the square loop. An elastic string, 8 mm., passes through the central band and it is fixed to the D-rings through 2 nylon snap-hooks. This string is useful to keep the bottles close to the body of the diver. A very common stainless steel buckle allows the fastening of the ventral belt.

AIR BAG The outer bag is available with 8 lt. of thrust and it is composed by 2 parts. The inner part is realized in nylon TEXTANE A/B 210. The outer part is realized in nylon TEXTANE A/B 210 too, but it is covered by HT polyamide. These 2 parts are soldered together and form the bladder. In the inner part, at the centre of the bag, a band in HT polyamide is sewn to let the central band of the harness pass. Instead, in the outer part, there are the inflator and 2 discharge valves. It is possible to change the position of the inflator and of the valves according to the needs of the diver. On the left and right side of the bag 2 oval rings are sewn. They are used to fix 2 stainless steel D-rings, 50 mm. each, that can be used or not. The oval rings, instead, are used to secure the shoulder straps of the harness. In the lower part of the bag there are 8 loops: 4 loops are used to fix 2 latex rings, useful to secure the argon bottle and the other 4 to secure possible accessories. Under the discharge valves there are 2 stainless steel D-rings, 50 mm. each, useful to manage the bottles.

INFLATOR It is provided with simple curve attack. The command is by piston and the inner mechanism is in nickel brass. The inflation and deflation buttons are in derlin and antiskid. At request and with a surcharge, it is possible to assemble the complete stainless steel kit (pistons and buttons).

ACCESSORIES It is possible to assemble the posterior pocket used as objects container (5x22x16 cm.) in HT polyamide. The pocket is fixed to the bag through 2 D-rings in stainless steel, 25 mm. each, that are sewn on 2 loops, e through 2 oval links in stainless steel.


– Harness made up of polyester HT strap

– Outer protective bag realized in nylon TEXTANE A/B 210 and covered in HT polyamid

– 2 shoulder straps in HT polyamide

– Elastic string, 8 mm., with nylon snap-hooks

– Crotch belt

– 2 latex rings

– 6 stainless steel D-rings

– 1 stainless steel fixing screws

– 15 stainless steel eyelets

– 11 stainless steel oval rings

– 7 elastic rings

– 1 stainless steel buckle

– Inflator with simple curve attack

– Piston like command with derlin inflation and deflation buttons and inner mechanism in nickel brass

– 2 overpressure and rapid discharge valves

– One-size-only

– Available thrust: 8 lt.

– 1 available colour: black


POINT BREAK 8   1,900 kg.

CUSTOMIZATION No customization in no part of the jacket is possible. It is not possible to buy the jacket without the side writing (the name of the jacket) or the AUDAXPRO logos.



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