The Freedom Sidemount System

This new sidemount system from Israel is causing a stir amongst cave and technical sidemount divers.  It has some innovative solutions to wing mounting on the harness and plate design.  Their website is currently under construction – but should be up and running soon.  In the meantime, they have an active Facebook Group….   go there for the latest news and purchase information.

The Freedom sidemount comes from Israeli manufacturer ‘Freedom Dive System’.  The harness is reminiscent of the X-Deep Stealth, with a teardrop shaped wing, similar to the Razor 2.0.  It has weight pockets for the spine and hips. The wing attaches securely to the harness at the top and bottom. It can also be configured as a dual wing (two bladders) for technical diving redundancy.
  • Buoyancy: 16kg / 36lbs  (18.5kg / 41lb version available)
  • Material: Details not available
  • Weight:  Details not available
  • Manual:  Details not available
  • Manufacturer Link:Freedom Dive Systems 

Freedom Sidemount System

freedom sidemount bcd

 freedom spine plate sidemount

freedom lumbar plate sidemount

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