HOG Sidemount Video

HOG have released a promo video of their new sidemount system for TEK DIVE USA of their new sidemount rig.  The rig has approx 45lbs / 20kgs of buoyancy and is expected to challenge the Halcyon Contour and Hollis SMS75 in the market-place, as a mid-capacity, tech-capable sidemount BCD, suitable for cold/warm water diving and overhead environments.

Protoype-only released at DEMA 2013, the HOG Sidemount is a cold-water (steel cylinder) focused rig,  in the same vein as the Nomad, Halcyon and Hollis SMS75.  It comes supplied with an ‘old school’ bungee set-up and has a large buttplate with rails.

Read Doppler’s in-depth review of the HOG Sidemount HERE.

  • Buoyancy:   45lbs / 20kgs
  • Material:    TBC
  • Weight:  TBC
  • Manual: Not yet available
  • Manufacturers Link:  HOG

hog sidemount

Photo: HOG / EDGE


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