SoprasSub Tek Sidemount

SoprasSub have released a new version of their sidemount rig at the Boat Show in Dussledorf.  The new ‘Tek’ version of their rig is manufactured from kevlar material and features a one-piece, modular harness system.

Soprasub tek sidemount 1

These photos, released on their Facebook page, show fixed D-rings at the rear hips and bungee mounting suitable for either loop or continuous methods.

Soprasub tek sidemount 2

 The rig has a comfort-type harness, but users can replace this with a minimalist harness if they desired.  It comes with a built-in buttplate with divided rails.

Soprasub tek sidemount 3

No details yet released on the BCD buoyancy/capacity or price.

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