Diving manufacturer Poseidon have joined the sidemount market with the release of their new BCD.  The rig is based on the American/Cold-Water school of design (see The Two Schools Of Sidemount Diving Heritage).  As is common with sidemount BCDs of this design, the use of a butt-plate and lack of forward/sliding D-rings make it primarily suitable for diving with steel cylinders.  Aluminum cylinders, which are ubiquitous in most warm-water destinations, do not trim well from butt-plates and must be shifted to the front waist-belt once buoyancy shifts to positive.


poseidon sidemount 2

One innovation new with this BCD is the use of bungees integral to the 12 liter/27lb bladder – which should help reduce any ‘turtle shell’ billowing of the bladder when inflated full.  The rig ships with independent bungee system and an inflator system that can be routed over the shoulder or up across the chest.  The later method tending to be most streamlined for hose routing.

The BCD is supplied with unique ‘cylinder bags’ which replace the normal rigging method for sidemount tanks. This feature may cause disapproval from some sidemount divers, in particular the lower connection method; which cannot be sized individually and contains metal-to-metal connections (a big ‘no-no’ principle for overhead environment divers).  These cylinder bags would also not work effectively if the user opted for a different bungee method, for instance loop bungees.

  • Buoyancy: 27lb/12kg
  • Material:  Not known
  • Weight:  Not known
  • Manual:  Not available
  • Manufacturer Link:  Poseidon Sidemount


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