Kick-Start Your Diving Development in 2015 with Personalized Scuba Mentoring Workshops

 In addition to a wide range of specialized diving courses, I also offer personal scuba mentoring workshops that provide divers with access to expert coaching on scuba skills.  This coaching identifies and progresses the student’s goal to become an all-round better diver and/or develops specialist skills in areas such as wreck penetration, sidemount and technical diving.

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As my scuba mentoring workshops are tailor-made for the individual, they can be planned flexibly to cater to your own needs.  I simply charge $95USD per day (plus boat/tanks/gas) and work with you intensively to raise your diving into the premier league. You have direct access to the training skills, drills and protocols that I have developed teaching the very highest level divers over the past decade.

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So…. whether you want a single-day of intensive buoyancy training or a week of advanced wreck penetration development, you only have to drop me a line and discuss what we can achieve. My scuba mentoring workshops provide excellent results, whatever your goals.

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There’ no limit on what we can cover in the scuba mentoring workshops, but here are some popular ideas:

Buoyancy and Trim

Sidemount Refinement

Tech Drills

Propulsion Techniques

DSMB Deployment

Situational Awareness

Dive Leadership

Team Diving

Dive Rescue


Penetration Line-Laying

Overhead  Environment Emergencies

Air Consumption Improvement

Open Water Skills

The choice is really endless…..  and whatever you need.

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