Sidemount Course in Subic Bay

During March and April 2013, I ran several sidemount courses in Subic Bay – covering recreational and technical diving skills for a number of students.  Divemaster Tim Mathieson joined me to continue his progress in Tec Sidemount towards completion of his Tec50 qualification.  William Kao did a combination Sidemount Diver and Nitrox training – opening up vast possibilities in extended bottom time diving.  Kent Chen did Advanced Open Water alongside.

This video was shot by William over the course of some post-qualification dives on the wrecks of the Landing Ship Tank (LST), Japanese Patrol Boat, Landing Craft Utility (LCU) and the armored cruiser USS New York (ACR-2).

I run technical and recreational sidemount courses in Subic Bay each month.  Students have trained in Razor 2.0, UTD Z-Trim, Hollis SMS100 and SMS50, along with varied custom rigs.  Sidemount training can be done in conjunction with other training – and qualification can be amalgamated with the existing technical diving program (Tec40/45/50) for an economical and efficient entry into sidemount tech.

William Kao provided this GoPro footage taken during his experience on the wrecks of Subic Bay, Philippines. Other dive team included; Andy Davis (Instructor), Tim Mathieson (Divemaster) and Kent Chen (Advanced Open Water).

Dive sites visited are the Landing Ship Tank (LST), Japanese Patrol Boat, Landing Craft Utility (LCU) and the USS New York armored cruiser (ACR-2). Sidemount equipment being used includes Hollis SMS50, Razor 2.0 and Andy’s Lite-Harness.

Music: Junkie X and Cyberdesign remixes of ‘Inception’.

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