Sidemount Technical Wreck – Teaser Video

A short (4 minute) HQ video showing highlights of the sidemount technical wreck exploration and training dives in Subic Bay, Philippines.  ANDI, PADI and skills clinic training and videography by Andy Davis (PADI MSDT 634077) and Bruce Konefe (ANDI I.T.D. #15).

Dives filmed on (in): the USS New York, USS Majaba (El Capitan) and open-water training on the ‘Barges’.

Equipment used:  OMS,  Hollis and Halcyon

Dive Logistics: Kind thanks to Boardwalk Dive Center, Blue Rock Dive Center and Arizona Dive Resort, Subic Bay.

Many thanks to all the divers and students who visited for training so far this year… is so much fun to teach advanced wreck techniques and sidemount.  More videos to follow, please follow the blog feed!

Please check out the website for further details of elite wreck diving training in Subic Bay ‘shipwreck paradise’.

sidemount-technical-wreck-courses-asia-philippines-subic bay

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