Silt Out – Wreck Danger!

This video, filmed by myself in Subic Bay, graphically shows the danger of silt out to wreck divers conducting penetration dives.  

What looks like a nice safe and benign compartment, with plenty of light and an obvious exit (well within recreational wreck diving limits) turns into a potential death trap within seconds of the silt being disturbed.  All divers who consider wreck penetration should be fully aware of the reality of silt-outs.

If your wreck course didn’t teach extensive and trust-worthy guideline procedures… along with limited/zero visibility familiarization and the practice of core emergency skills in those conditions… then you need to question how well you were trained to dive inside wrecks…

Some scuba agencies provide no more advice to divers than “wait a while and hope the silt clears” – for reference, the silt disturbed in this video took many hours to dissapate and settle.  A diver trapped and disorientated by such a silt-out would have run out of air and drowned long before gaining sufficient visibility to exit.   The lesson – get effective training in wreck penetration and guideline use…

Enjoy the video… it’s shocking and eye-opening!

It takes only one poorly aimed fin kick, a slight lapse in buoyancy control or a momentary distraction from another unrelated incident occurring – and divers can very rapidly (as the video shows) silt out and lose all visibility within the confined space of a wreck.  

An area inside the wreck that was previously considered “safe” can become a potential death trap in seconds.  Be warned, be wary.

Without sound guideline skills, team-work and a calm and controlled approach, divers may easily become disorientated in a silt out – losing their direction to the exit, become lost inside the wreck and risk death.

I provide highly realistic and penetration focused wreck training – suitable for all levels of divers, novice to technical.

Wreck Diving Safety

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