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New Product – Hollis Katana 2 Hollis release the Katana 2 sidemount BCD at DEMA 2018. It looks very reminiscent of the XDeep Stealth Rec/Tec BCDs, with a flat back panel and air cell curved at the bottom/sides in a ‘U’ shape. The wing is available dual-bladder,  with the redundant LPI removable on the right-side. […]

Hollis SMS Katana

Hollis SMS Katana – Pre-DEMA Sneak Peak Hollis  have announced they are to unveil a new sidemount system at DEMA 2015; the SMS Katana! I was shared a photo today that is believed to be a sneak peak at the SMS Katana system.  At first glance, the system looks like Hollis are finally producing a […]