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Torch Review: Tovatec Sports Tec ST2000

  The Tovatec Sports Tec ST2000 is a really useful multi-purpose torch at a good price.  I bought one on a whim 8 months ago and have used it as a lightweight primary for  wreck penetration, night dives and as a GoPro video light.

Tovatec SportTac-2000 review
The Tovatec ST2000 has an adjustable 220 lumen beam offering a lovely tight 12-degree spot for signalling/overhead; and a nice clear 75-degree wide cone for night dives or basic video.

The torch is tiny (4.8 x 1.4 inch – 4.3 oz. / 122 g), so it’s great for travel, to stick in a pocket, on a helmet or into a soft-goodman handle.  The 14500 Li-ion battery is USB rechargeable (3 hours) and the torch has 3 settings; full, 50% and strobe. It gives a low battery warning when it reaches 20% charge. The battery is also replaceable, so you can get spares for multi-dive day trips.

Depth rating is 100m. Burn time is 90 min.

I’ve been predicting an age of high-capability micro-LED primary torches for some time.  Whilst the burn-time of this torch doesn’t make it optimal for technical wreck or cave diving (especially accounting for reserve battery life), it is certainly evidence that the current generation of LED torches are getting close to the mark for serious diving.

I’d recommend this torch for all recreational diving activities (including wreck) and it can function as a technical back-up for a limited scope of decompression or overhead diving.  It is on Amazon for only $39.99.  Given the low price, it’s one heck of a capable little torch.


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