Technical Wreck Exploration of the USS New York, Subic Bay

I thought I’d share this lovely series of videos, which document a series of technical wreck penetrations on the USS New York.

Having spent the last 4 years progressively exploring the depths of this wreck, I very much enjoyed the footage and voice-over presented in the videos.  It’s a complicated wreck to enter – with many restrictions and an issue of severe silt-out risk.

Training in technical wreck diving skills, plus an amount of post-qualification experience is necessary before attempting to progress beyond the initial gunnery deck levels.

It’s certainly not a place for the nervous at heart, or those inclined to anxiety in confined, dark spaces.

However, with the right training, equipment and experience – it’s certainly a world class wreck penetration dive…and enormous fun!


USS New York Dive (1/7) – Opening Credits

USS New York Dive (2/7) – Historical Perspective

USS New York Dive (3/7) – A Technical Dive

USS New York Dive (4/7) – Discovery Dive

USS New York Dive (5/7) – Breakthrough Dive

USS New York Dive (6/7) – Closing Credits

USS New York Dive (7/7) – Historical Slideshow


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