Originally posted 2019-02-22 11:56:32.

Scuba Q and A:

What’s The Best Advice For Someone Starting Open Water Diver Qualification?


Practice, practice, practice.

Do not accept the bare minimum timescale for graduation if you are not very confident and competent to go diving unsupervised afterwards.

Most agencies mandate ‘performance driven training’ – meaning that your mastery of skills should be fluid, comfortable and consistently reliable. You shouldn’t progress at each stage until that level is reached. That is a standard that diving instructors are bound to adhere to (but, sadly, many don’t).

Don’t let dive instructors rush you through training.

You paid for training, not just to be handed a worthless card. Make sure you’re properly trained to be a safe and confident diver from day #1.

Instructors who focus only on “fun” should work in a clown circus, not be training people to dive safely and be able to survive things going wrong underwater.

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