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ccr rebreather safety advice

CCR / Rebreather Safety Resources A collection of online resources relating to the topic of CCR / Rebreather Safety. CCR Aware Video: Safety Advice for New and Prospective Rebreather Divers Improving Rebreather Safety: First in a series of reports on Rebreather Forum 3, by Michael Menduno. Why so many deaths? What’s the real story behind 18 […]

ccr megalodon rebreather philippines

CCR Megalodon Rebreather – Preparation Videos Technical Diving knowledge share by Andy Davis   An excellent series of six instructional videos produced by Andreas W. Matthes of  ProTecPlaya for, showing critical preparation steps for diving the Megalodon CCR. Interested in training on the Megalodon CCR in the Philippines or Thailand?   Check out the page […]