Sidemount Gear

SEAC Sidemount BCD


SEAC Sidemount BCD The SEAC Sidemount BCD KS01 looks like a warm-water configuration.  With ~20 lbs of buoyancy, it is in competition with the Hollis SMS50, UTD Z-Trim and IST SMB-21 rigs. I expect the BCD is aimed firmly recreational…

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Sidemount Review: The DiveRite Nomad LTZ

sidemount diverite nomad ltz

Sidemount Review: The DiveRite Nomad LTZ The DiveRite Nomad LTZ is the improved successor to the old Nomad LT Extreme.  Made with even more robust materials, some beneficial design tweaks  and now offering a (limited) integral dual-bladder; the LTZ continues…

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Custom Sidemount Hardware Upgrade With SUMP UK

sidemount custom hardware 1 reels

Sidemount Hardware Custom Upgrade With SUMP UK   Andrew Goring, at Sump UK, has been busy designing and producing some clever custom hardware for sidemount and rebreather systems. This metalwork can enable sidemount divers to carry out some nice modifications,…

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FinnSub ‘Fly Side’ sidemount BCD


FinnSub ‘Fly Side’ Sidemount BCD Reviewed The FinnsSub Fly Side sidemount is a tear-drop shaped bladder based upon a DIR harness with metal backplate and buttplate rails. Finnsub backplate options The FinnSub BCD can be purchased with either an aluminum…

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Aquamundo Sidemount BCD Review

Aquamundo Sidemount BCD

Aquamundo Sidemount BCD – New Release Oct 2013 I was pleased to be asked to conduct pre-release trials on the Aquamundo Sidemount BCD during Sept 2013 and this is my review of the  newly released rig: The sidemount BCD is…

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Top 5 Sidemount Adapter Systems


Top 5 Sidemount Adapter Systems Sidemount adapter systems are one solution for diving sidemount if you already own a backmount wing, but don’t want to make the investment in a dedicated sidemount system. Obviously, you won’t get the same performance…

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Some Options for Homemade DIY Sidemount Rigs

homemade diy sidemount rig harness system

Some Options for Homemade / DIY Sidemount Rigs When I was a new sidemount diver there weren’t many commercially sold rigs available. As a result, I created several homemade DIY sidemount configurations using what was available; typically converting backmount dive…

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The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver


The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver You can be a budget sidemount diver – and not have to make compromises on equipment function or safety. Sidemount really got popular over the last five years, but one factor that causes some divers…

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Top 5 Convertible Hybrid Sidemount Systems

nomad xt sidemount hybrid sidemount systems

Top 5 Convertible Hybrid Sidemount Systems by Andy Davis My list of the top 5 most popular hybrid sidemount systems currently available worldwide. All of these hybrid systems are able to be converted for sidemount and backmount singles/doubles use. Hybrid…

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