RAID Diving Courses

Subic Bay, Philippines

I offer the following RAID diving courses in Subic Bay, Philippines.  All training is delivered at an exceptionally high standard by Andy Davis, a trimix technical diving instructor with 30-years experience. These diving courses are far above the level of regular dive training: you will enjoy far greater competency, confidence and comfort on your diving once certified.

Deep 40

The RAID Deep 40 course introduces technical concepts, standards and knowledge to the recreational deep diver.

This demanding course includes confined skills and 4 practical training dives, conducted in sidemount, backmount doubles or a single backplate/wing with bailout pony.  Nitrox or Trimix (max 20% helium) can be used.

Normoxic TRIMIX option available (max 20% He)

Advanced 35

The RAID Advanced 35 course takes your diving competency to a much higher level. Develop precision buoyancy, trim, propulsion and team diving skills.  This represents a very real development in diver skill and performance.

The course includes 3 confined water sessions and 6 training dives and qualifies the diver to conduct advanced no-stop dives to a maximum depth of 35m/115ft.  Conducted in backmount doubles or single+pony.

Performance Diver

The RAID Performance Diver course provides intensive dedicated practice to develop higher-level fundamental diving proficiencies.

It is a highly recommended supplement for those wishing to achieve success on deep, technical and overhead-environment courses.

You will develop precision buoyancy, consistent trim, advanced propulsion and control techniques, DSMB deployment, best-practice emergency procedures, ascent and descent protocols, along with improving your stress management, situational awareness and team-diving capacity.

fundies fundamentals skills tech technical sidemount diving diver training course

RAID Nitrox

RAID nitrox course philippinesThe RAID Nitrox course is completed via eLearning, with an in-person practical application and 2 optional open water nitrox dives.  It can be combined with other courses and is highly recommended.

This training teaches you about dive planning for Nitrox gas mixes (up to 40%), gas analysis and  cylinder labeling procedures for cylinders. You will also gain an in-depth understanding of oxygen exposure limits, hazards and contingencies.

RAID Master Rescue

raid-master-rescue course philippinesThe RAID Master Rescue Diver program is a critical step in expanding your knowledge and experience as a proficient recreational diver.

This unique course builds confidence and ability, providing practical emergency management skills and crucial knowledge that enables you to respond safely and efficiently to surface and underwater emergencies. Can be conducted in sidemount, backmount manifold doubles or a backplate/wing BCD