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The History of Subic Bay


The History of Subic Bay A concise history of Subic Bay, charting 500 years of turmoil, conflict and occupation The history of Subic Bay reflects many centuries of war and turbulence. The Bay has strategic significance as a protected deep-water…

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Sheck Exley’s Razor – The Nature of Limits

sheck exley

Sheck Exley’s Razor – The Nature of Limits By R.D. Milhollin (Blog editor’s note: This article was first published in the March-April 1995, issue of Underwater Speleology. I have added it here on my blog to preserve and disseminate further, what I…

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Scuba Diving Trim

How to develop your scuba diving trim and become a more comfortable, confident & competent diver. Follow these simple tips for swift progress!
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Why Do Divers Use Helium?

why do divers use helium recreational trimix technical diving
Find out the three reasons why divers use helium in their breathing gas to increase diving safety. Scuba agencies havie differing policies on training for helium diving.
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How To Use Less Air When Scuba Diving?

How to use less air when scuba diving
The question of using less air when scuba diving is one of the most pressing issues that a majority of newly qualified divers ask. The best way to use less air while scuba diving is to address the root cause of higher air consumption, not to focus on the symptoms.
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Scuba Diving Buddy Separation Safety Protocols

Scuba Diving Safety Protocols: Buddy Separation by Andy Davis Losing your buddy is an easy way to ruining a good dive.  Being alone underwater can cause many divers apprehension.  It often also ends in an aborted dive  – which sucks…

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Is Solo Diving Safe?

Scuba Diving Q&A. Andy Davis. Advice tips how to diver dive sidemount technical tech wreck questions answers

 Is Solo Diving Safe? Question: Is solo diving safe and recommended? What do I need to consider if thinking to go solo diving? Answer: Solo diving is ‘recommended’ insofar as most of the scuba training agencies have offered solo qualification…

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