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What is Technical Diving?

what is technical diving
Technical diving differs from recreational scuba in many ways. This detailed article explains everything you need to know about tech diving.

The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver


The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver You can be a budget sidemount diver – and not have to make compromises on equipment function or safety. Sidemount…

Are You Ready For Solo Diving?

Solo diving
Examining the risks & personal factors that should be considered before attempting solo diving. Read this article before you dive alone!

No.9 | Streamlined Dive Gear

Streamlined dive gear
The benefits of streamlined dive gear and how to achieve it with your own scuba diving equipment. Small kit changes can have big effects.

No.5 | Horizontal Diver Trim

how to improve your diver trim when scuba diving
Stable diver trim is the foundation for good buoyancy control and efficient propulsion. It also helps conserve the marine environment.

No.4 | Perfect Scuba Weighting

scuba diving Weighting
How to perfect your scuba weighting. Get this right & your buoyancy control will be much easier. Advice not taught in Open Water courses

Scuba Diving Trim

How to develop your scuba diving trim and become a more comfortable, confident & competent diver. Follow these simple tips for swift progress!

Top-5 Best Sidemount Fins 2023

best sidemount-fins
Choosing the right set of sidemount fins is an important decision. They have a profound effect on diver trim and control. With that recommendation in mind, here is my pick of the top 5 warm-water sidemount fins.

Why Do Divers Use Helium?

why do divers use helium recreational trimix technical diving
Divers use helium for three reasons. Breathing mixtures that contain helium are commonly referred to as "trimix". Trimix is a mixture that contains three different gasses; helium, oxygen and nitrogen. It is commonly used by technical divers, although recreational trimix courses are becoming more popular over recent years.

How To Use Less Air When Scuba Diving?

How to use less air when scuba diving
The question of using less air when scuba diving is one of the most pressing issues that a majority of newly qualified divers ask. The best way to use less air while scuba diving is to address the root cause of higher air consumption, not to focus on the symptoms.

How Deep Can You Dive Using Air?

Scuba Diving Q&A. Andy Davis. Professional dvice tips how to diver dive sidemount technical tech wreck questions answers
There are three governing factors which determine how deep can you dive using air. Understanding those factors promotes safe gas selection.

Is Solo Diving Safe?

Scuba Diving Q&A. Andy Davis. Advice tips how to diver dive sidemount technical tech wreck questions answers

 Is Solo Diving Safe? Question: Is solo diving safe and recommended? What do I need to consider if thinking to go solo diving? Answer: Solo…

How Dangerous Is Tech Diving?

Scuba Diving Q&A. Andy Davis. Professional dvice tips how to diver dive sidemount technical tech wreck questions answers
Discover the risks associated with tech diving and how they can be mitigated. Learn how to stay safe while exploring deeper depths.
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