Technical Diving Theory

The Importance of Deep Stops by Richard L. Pyle

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The Importance of Deep Stops: Rethinking Ascent Patterns From Decompression Dives An abridged version of this deep stops article was originally in DeepTech, 5:64; and the full version was subsequently published in Cave Diving Group Newsletter, 121:2-5. by Richard L.…

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The Varying Permeability Model (VPM) for Dummies

VPM varying permeability model

VPM For Dummies The Varying Permeability Model (VPM) for Dummies By Kevin Watts   Blog editorial:  I reproduced this article, for wider dissemination, from it’s original location at RebreatherWorld forum This article attempts to provide a basic framework for looking…

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Oxygen Exposure Management for Scuba Divers

OXYGEN EXPOSURE MANAGEMENT by Richard D. Vann Oxygen metabolism is the primary energy source in higher life forms, but when oxygen enters the metabolic process prematurely, reactive oxygen species can form which interfere with normal function and cause convulsions or…

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Decompression Theory Resources | Technical Scuba Diving

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Decompression Theory – Links and Resources Here is my selection of educational articles and resources for further reading on scuba diving decompression theory… –  Bubble Decompression Strategies by Eric Maiken –  VPM Decompression Site by Eric Maiken –  Confessions of a Mortal Diver by Richard Pyle…

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Calculating No Stop Time for Scuba Diving

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Calculating No Stop Time for Scuba Diving Welcome to an informative article on “Calculating No Stop Time for Scuba Diving” written by Erik C. Baker. This article is specifically designed for recreational divers who want to learn about the source…

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Oxygen Toxicity Dangers by Dr. E.D. Thalmann | DAN

oxygen toxicity symptoms

DAN discusses the dangers of oxygen toxicity when using nitrox as a breathing gas. By Dr. E.D. Thalmann, DAN Assistant Medical Director; Captain, Medical Corps, U.S. Navy (retired) It’s a fact: we need oxygen to live. It’s because of the…

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Understanding M-Values | Erik C. Baker

Understanding M-Values By Erik C. Baker In conjunction with an array of hypothetical “tissue” compartments, gas loading calculations and M-values compose the major elements of the dissolved gas or “Haldanian” decompression model. Through the use of widely-available desktop computer programs, technical…

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Gradient Factors Explained By Matti Antilla Ph.d

gradient factors

Gradient Factors Explained I have reproduced this excellent article Gradient Factors explained by Matti Anttila in case the original website goes down. It is published here for educational purposes. Gradient factors explained by Matti Anttila Ph.d Remember your first diving…

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Gradient Factors for Dummies

Technical Diving Theory Sidemount Diving

Gradient Factors for Dummies Gradient Factors for Dummies was written by Kevin Watts and first published on I have replicated it here because it now seems unavailable at the original site. Gradient Factors for Dummies by Kevin Watts (article…

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)? ANDI International Hyperbaric Research Center 74 Woodcleft Ave, Freeport NY 11520 516-546-2026 Article reproduced courtesy of Bruce Konefe  Hyperbaric is simply referencing a condition that is above standard atmospheric pressure. Instead of breathing the…

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