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Are You A Prestigious Diver?


Are You A Prestigious Diver? The prestigious diver If you dive regularly, you’ve probably met a prestigious diver already. They’ve got the good gear. They’ve…

DCS and the Immune System

dcs and the immune system
DCS and the Immune System. How bubbles trigger an immune response that can make or break your body's fight against decompression sickness.

SEAC Sidemount BCD


SEAC Sidemount BCD The SEAC Sidemount BCD KS01 looks like a warm-water configuration.  With ~20 lbs of buoyancy, it is in competition with the Hollis…

Wreck & Cave Diving Helmets

Everything you need to know about sidemount, wreck and cave diving helmets; including how to make your own DIY helmet.

Nitrogen Narcosis – Perceptions of Susceptibility

The greatest variation between divers is the individual perception of susceptibility to narcosis. This is the person's awareness of when, or if, they are suffering a decline in mental cognizance due to elevated nitrogen partial pressure.

RAID Instructor Cross-Over: My Course Review

Early in 2017, I made a decision to cross-over my scuba diving instructor rating to RAID. What I liked about RAID was that they were aiming for quality, not quantity. That was reflected in their syllabus, as well as having stringent and measurable performance standards at every level.

The Changing Technical Diving Mindset

Changing Technical Diving Mindset

The Changing Technical Diving Mindset Technical diving went mainstream. It’s not a good thing in all respects by Andy Davis. Having been actively involved in…

Nitrogen Narcosis Sedation & Consciousness

Nitrogen Narcosis Sedation and Consciousness
The commonly taught model of alcohol-like intoxication fails to describe the nuanced cognitive effect upon the diver and, at worst, promotes divers towards a dangerous misbelief that they aren't mentally impeded by narcosis

Technical Diving – Optimal Gas Mixes

technical diving optimal gas mixes

Technical Diving – Optimal Gas Mixes Knowledge of optimal gas mix selection is critical to the technical diver.  The graph below simply correlates bottom depth…

Review: XDeep NX Project Wing

xdeep nx project wing review andy davis

 Review: XDeep NX Project Wing  by Andy Davis  Shortly before Christmas 2016, I received the new XDeep NX Project technical wing for testing and review.…

Understanding M-Values | Erik C. Baker

Understanding M-Values By Erik C. Baker In conjunction with an array of hypothetical “tissue” compartments, gas loading calculations and M-values compose the major elements of the…

APEKS WSX-25 Sidemount

Apeks WSX-25 sidemount

APEKS WSX-25 Sidemount Pre-Release Review Apeks are due to soon release the WSX-25 Sidemount BCD and harness.  Early promotional photographs and details of the rig…

FinnSub ‘Fly Side’ sidemount BCD


FinnSub ‘Fly Side’ Sidemount BCD Reviewed The FinnsSub Fly Side sidemount is a tear-drop shaped bladder based upon a DIR harness with metal backplate and…

Amphibian Gear – Sidemount Transformer

amphibian gear sidemount

Amphibian Gear – Sidemount Transformer  The Amphibian Gear Sidemount ‘Transformer’ comes from Russia. It is a modular system, similar to the OMS ‘Profile’ adapter, whereby an anti-taco…

Gradient Factors for Dummies

Technical Diving Theory Sidemount Diving

Gradient Factors for Dummies By Kevin Watts (Article from RebreatherWorld.Com) Gradient Factors for Dummies attempts to provide a user’s view of gradient factors, an Erik…

Aquamundo Sidemount BCD Review

Aquamundo Sidemount BCD

Aquamundo Sidemount BCD – New Release Oct 2013 I was pleased to be asked to conduct pre-release trials on the Aquamundo Sidemount BCD during Sept…

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