The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver


The $1200 Budget Sidemount Diver You can be a budget sidemount diver – and not have to make compromises on equipment function or safety. Sidemount…

The Desperate Dive Shop

dive shop scuba problems business industry
Many dive shop owners follow a very flawed business model. It's hurting them and makes them desperate. Diving consumers owe desperate dive shops nothing. That's the quintessential nature of the consumer-supplier relationship. It's the responsibility of dive shops to find a more profitable business model.

Are You A Prestigious Diver?


Are You A Prestigious Diver? The prestigious diver If you dive regularly, you’ve probably met a prestigious diver already. They’ve got the good gear. They’ve…

Are You Ready For Solo Diving?

Solo diving
Examining the risks & personal factors that should be considered before attempting solo diving. Read this article before you dive alone!

Guide To Advanced Wreck Diving

advanced wreck diving course subic bay
A comprehensive guide to advanced wreck diving techniques, equipment, skills and protocols. A must-read for wreck divers at all levels.

What is a sidemount pouch or pocket?

A sidemount pouch, or pocket, is used to stow ancillary diving equipment when sidemount diving. It clips to square D-rings on the read harness via two double-end boltsnaps.

No.9 | Streamlined Dive Gear

Streamlined dive gear
The benefits of streamlined dive gear and how to achieve it with your own scuba diving equipment. Small kit changes can have big effects.

No.5 | Horizontal Diver Trim

how to improve your diver trim when scuba diving
Stable diver trim is the foundation for good buoyancy control and efficient propulsion. It also helps conserve the marine environment.

No.4 | Perfect Scuba Weighting

scuba diving Weighting
How to perfect your scuba weighting. Get this right & your buoyancy control will be much easier. Advice not taught in Open Water courses

Which Sidemount BCD to choose?

Advice to determine which sidemount BCD will best fit your needs as a diver. Use these criteria to choose the most suitable dive gear.

DCS and the Immune System

dcs and the immune system
DCS and the Immune System. How bubbles trigger an immune response that can make or break your body's fight against decompression sickness.

Hollis SMS100 Sidemount Modifications


Hollis SMS100 Sidemount Modifications by Andy Davis I regularly have sidemount students  bring the Hollis SMS100 for their courses. The SMS100 is a good sidemount…

A Guide to Modern Sidemount Diving

A comprehensive guide to sidemount diving. What it is, the history, the equipment styles, how it is configured, gear setup and everything else you need to know.

Deco Sidemount BCD Review

My dive-tested review of the Deco Sidemount BCD. It's my favourite travel system for warm-water recreational sidemount.

The USS New York Subic Bay Wreck

Dive site details for the USS New York wreck in Subic Bay, Philippines. History, dive details and video of this famous shipwreck for divers.

Top 5 Sidemount Adapter Systems


Top 5 Sidemount Adapter Systems Sidemount adapter systems are one solution for diving sidemount if you already own a backmount wing, but don’t want to…

SEAC Sidemount BCD


SEAC Sidemount BCD The SEAC Sidemount BCD KS01 looks like a warm-water configuration.  With ~20 lbs of buoyancy, it is in competition with the Hollis…

Grading Wreck Diving Restrictions

Wreck Diving Restrictions
Defining grades of wreck diving restrictions. How to assess the severity of restrictions when planning your dives in backmount and sidemount

Scuba Diving Trim

How to develop your scuba diving trim and become a more comfortable, confident & competent diver. Follow these simple tips for swift progress!

Wreck & Cave Diving Helmets

Everything you need to know about sidemount, wreck and cave diving helmets; including how to make your own DIY helmet.

Decompression Sickness Treatment & Recovery

decompression sickness and recovery
This is Richard Pyle's account of suffering decompression sickness; the mistakes he made, the treatment he recieved and the long journey to recovery. Every diver should read this, because DCS isn't an urban myth.

An Evaluation of the Modern Scuba Diving Training Industry

scuba diving training industry evaluation assessment analysis
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the scuba diving training industry and how can that effect both dive profesionals and divers? The aim of this article is to take a look at the modern scuba diving training industry and hopefully induce some debate on what's right, and bad.

Nitrogen Narcosis – Perceptions of Susceptibility

The greatest variation between divers is the individual perception of susceptibility to narcosis. This is the person's awareness of when, or if, they are suffering a decline in mental cognizance due to elevated nitrogen partial pressure.

Top-5 Best Sidemount Fins 2023

best sidemount-fins
Choosing the right set of sidemount fins is an important decision. They have a profound effect on diver trim and control. With that recommendation in mind, here is my pick of the top 5 warm-water sidemount fins.

Why Do Divers Use Helium?

why do divers use helium recreational trimix technical diving
Divers use helium for three reasons. Breathing mixtures that contain helium are commonly referred to as "trimix". Trimix is a mixture that contains three different gasses; helium, oxygen and nitrogen. It is commonly used by technical divers, although recreational trimix courses are becoming more popular over recent years.