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Guide To Advanced Wreck Diving

advanced wreck diving course subic bay
A comprehensive guide to advanced wreck diving techniques, equipment, skills and protocols. A must-read for wreck divers at all levels.

The USS New York Subic Bay Wreck

Dive site details for the USS New York wreck in Subic Bay, Philippines. History, dive details and video of this famous shipwreck for divers.

Grading Wreck Diving Restrictions

Wreck Diving Restrictions
Defining grades of wreck diving restrictions. How to assess the severity of restrictions when planning your dives in backmount and sidemount

Technical Wreck Course Report

scubatechphilippines-sidemount-technical-wreck-subic bay

Technical Wreck Course Report by Andy Davis   A technical wreck (sometimes called ‘advanced wreck’) course is a pinnacle-level diving course for highly qualified technical divers…

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