Wreck Diving Courses

Subic Bay, Philippines

Wreck diving courses are an enjoyable and challenging speciality for scuba divers. Penetrating inside shipwrecks is one of the most hazardous activities that a diver can undertake; but proper training, attitude and equipment will mitigate those risks.

Wreck diving courses in Subic Bay

All of my wreck diving courses are completed on the amazing wrecks of Subic Bay. There are thirty different wrecks available to dive; ranging from Japanese and American military shipwrecks, several aircraft wrecks, and even some WWII military armoured vehicles. Shallow site depths allow for unparalleled in-water training time and superior course results.

As an instructor, I have nearly three decades of experience and expertise in expeditionary wreck diving, cutting-edge penetration training and underwater archaeology projects; this ensures a second-to-none level of instructor ability. Unlike many advanced wreck instructors, technical wreck penetration is my routine day-to-day diving. See my instructor profile.

Andy Davis laying guideline during a technical wreck course in Subic Bay
Andy Davis laying a guideline on a wreck penetration dive.

What wreck diving courses are available?

I offer a full range of wreck diving courses and clinics that range from novice level to highly technical wreck penetration training. Course certifications are from RAID, a modern dive training agency that has established a reputation for high standards and modernized training.

RAID Basic Wreck Diving Course

The basic wreck diving course is a one-day introduction to the hazards, attractions and techniques of wreck diving. It is a recreational level course and does not certify students in wreck penetration techniques. For wreck penetration diving, please see the Advanced Wreck course below.

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This course improves your core diving ability, whilst also providing specialist knowledge and skills for safe and enjoyable wreck diving.

RAID Advanced Wreck

The Advanced Wreck diving course delivers a robust syllabus for wreck penetration diving.  It can be completed using sidemount, backmount doubles or a single cylinder with pony bailout.

This isn’t just another wreck speciality course – this is real training for safe and effective wreck penetrations within recreational diving limits.

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The minimum prerequisites are Advanced Open Water Diver. Nitrox and Deep Diver qualifications are highly recommended. The advanced wreck course is also suitable for technical divers: there is additional training supplied that is suitable for your level.

In order to achieve success in this course, students require consistent proficiency in precision buoyancy, trim, propulsion and situational awareness. If those need to be improved prior to participating in this course, please consider taking the Wreck Performance Diver course in advance.

Overhead Environment Protocols

If you are already a certified wreck diver at recreational or technical levels or even a wreck instructor, I offer exclusive wreck penetration training to boost your skills, knowledge and experience to a phenomenal level. Overhead environment protocols training is non-certification and is flexible to deliver the exact training that you need at your current diving level.

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This is a rare opportunity to learn best-practice wreck penetration techniques and cutting-edge protocols from a highly-regarded wreck explorer.

Wreck Performance Diver

The RAID Performance Diver course provides intensive, dedicated practice to develop fundamental diving skills to a very high level – and helps ensure success on the Advanced Wreck course. It can be undertaken in any open-circuit configuration; Hogarthian single-tank backplate/wing, sidemount or twinset/doubles.

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This highly recommended preparatory course is available (and beneficial!) for any level of qualified diver.

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