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Originally posted 2019-02-22 12:37:49. Scuba Q and A: How Dangerous Is Technical Diving? Q. How dangerous is technical diving? Answer: The aim of technical diving is to mitigate foreseeable risks through more advanced training, suitable equipment, increased diver proficiency, a higher level of knowledge and the development of a risk-averse, cautious, mindset. In short, the […]


Originally posted 2019-02-22 12:15:53. Scuba Q and A: What Is Your Reason For Technical Diving? Q. What is your reason for doing technical diving? Answer:  I look at it as “tools in my tool box“. I need to possess the right tools to allow me to achieve my diving objectives. These tools include the training, […]

technical diving risks

Originally posted 2018-11-05 06:10:31. The Biggest Risk in Technical Diving (and how to avoid it) by Andy Davis There are old divers. And there are bold divers. But there are few old, bold divers. The biggest risk in technical diving is, quite simply, not having the capacity to resolve the next hazardous incident that occurs […]


Originally posted 2018-03-07 23:56:52. Scuba Q and A Question:   I was taught that “recreational divers plan all dives to be no stop dives” and also that most agencies consider 40m /130 feet as the maximum depth for recreational deep diving.  That seems inconsistent when my dive computer allows me to dive below 40m/130 feet and […]


Originally posted 2018-03-07 23:57:16. Technical Diving – The Experience Paradox by Andy Davis. Many technical divers assume that acquiring greater training and experience must increase safety.  This is a flawed assumption. Accident statistics in technical diving, along with other sporting and industrial fields, show a distinct tendency for elevating risk as significant experience accumulates. The […]

Originally posted 2018-03-07 23:57:15. Course Report: RAID Tech Instructor Cross-Over by Andy Davis Early in 2017, I made a decision to cross-over my scuba diving instructor rating to RAID. Having already taught for PADI, BSAC, SSI and ANDI over the last 15 years, I was initially hesitant to rush towards another agency at the drop of […]

technical diving mindset

A Technical Diving Mindset Seek quality training Get the right gear Practice, practice, practice  Dive progressively  Account for skill fade  Strive for perfection  Don’t compromise  Pay your dues!     Get your technical diving training with Andy Davis:

12 Steps for Technical Diving Instructors

12 Steps for Technical Diving Instructors     Get your technical diving training with Andy Davis…  

seven deadly sins of technical diving

The 7 Deadly Sins of Technical Diving       Get your technical diving training with Andy Davis

technical diver

The Technical Diver We do precision guess work, based on unreliable data, provided by those of questionable knowledge…         Learn technical diving with Andy Davis

doc deep garman fatal world depth record attempt scuba diving accident

A Fatal Attempt: Dr Guy Garman’s World Depth Record 2015 Analyzing The Psychological Factors That Can Lead A Team Into A Destructive Goal Pursuit. by Andy Davis  On the 15th August 2015, the technical diving community received sad news that the latest World Depth Record attempt, to 1200ft/365m) had ended in tragedy when the participant, […]

gradient factors

Gradient Factors by Matti Anttila Ph.d Remember your first diving classes and the lesson about bubbling soda bottle and too rapid ascents? No matter how deeply you study the decompression theory, this soda bubble analogy is still valid. However, it’s time to introduce some more fundamentals of the issue. But let’s start from the history: […]

Sidemount Technical Wreck Diving Subic Bay Philippines

TecRec Technical Diving Log Book Page Insert Click on the link below to open a PDF copy of the TecRec log-book insert.  Save and print… hey presto!…. you can now log your technical dives! TecRec Technical Diving Log Book Insert