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How to Tie a Regulator Bungee Necklace

Technical, sidemount and hogarthian configuration scuba divers utilize a regulator bungee necklace for stowage of the short hose back-up.  These regulator bungee necklaces are available for purchase in many scuba shops.  The manufactured ones are made of rubber, costs are relatively high and there is no option for adjustment.  For that reason, many divers seek a DIY option – to make their own necklace.  

how to tie a regulator bungee necklace 5

A commercially manufactured regulator necklace

For many years, DIY regulator bungee necklace were made by simply measuring a length of bungee to go around the neck, tying a knot in each end and securing those ends to the regulator mouthpiece using a zip-tie.  However, this meant that the regulator could not be easily detached from the necklace.

how to tie a regulator bungee necklace 4

Non-breakaway regulator bungee attachment – not suitable for sidemount

In sidemount diving, particularly, it is important that both regulators are held via ‘break-away’ restraints. Unlike back-mounted configurations, the short-hose is not merely a back-up; it is used throughout the dive (for cylinder balancing).

how to tie a regulator bungee necklace 6

A DIY break-away regulator bungee necklace – suitable for sidemount

How to Tie a Regulator Bungee Necklace – Instructions

Here is how to tie a regulator bungee necklace so that the regulator can be pulled free upon demand:

Regulator Bungee Necklace – Materials:

  • Approx 2ft of standard 3mm bungee (length to suit neck size and individual’s preference on where the regulator will hang).
  • Scissors or sharp knife
  • Lighter

Regulator Bungee Necklace – Technique:

1)  Size the length of bungee required, to ensure the regulator hangs at an optimal distance below your chin.

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2) Hold the bungee with an end in each hand, left hand furthest from your body.

3)  Pass the left end under your forefinger and wrap it around the finger and other end (right hand) twice.

how to tie a regulator bungee necklace 2

4)  Remove the left forefinger from the loop and pass the left end through the loop (left-to-right).

5) Tighten as necessary and avoid leaving a large excess of bungee beyond the knot.

6) Repeat process on the other (right-hand) side, allowing 2″ between knots for the space that will hold your regulator mouthpiece.

how to tie a regulator bungee necklace 2

7) Place regulator mouthpiece inside the loop that is created and try on for size.

8)  Re-adjust by sliding the knots, if necessary, to alter the size.

9)  Once satisfied, trim excess bungee and seal the ends by melting with a lighter.

how to tie a regulator bungee necklace 1

 That may sound complicated, but you are simply tying a Double Fisherman’s Bend (aka Grapevine Bend) on either end of the bungee.

Regulator Bungee Necklace – Illustrative video:

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