About RAID

RAID is the world’s fastest-growing diver training agency and also the first agency to offer a complete range of eLearning diver academic programs from beginner to instructor examiner levels in recreational and technical diving, CCR and freediving.

With its roots in technical rebreather diving, RAID is committed to a ‘beginning with the end in mind‘ approach to consistently preparing students for the next step higher in training. There is a legitimate focus on training quality, and course performance standards are written to be specific and measurable. The level of fundamental skills training is far above average; with a ‘Do It Right‘ (DIR) mindset promoted at all levels of diving.

All of my RAID courses are taught in neutral buoyancy and horizontal trim. There are no kneeling skills!  Students calculate SAC and gas management from the very start, learn frog kick and back kick from novice levels. DSMB deployment is practiced on most training dives.

All RAID courses have online eLearning and digital certification cards are issued on completion of training. The student costs for RAID manuals and certification are less than half of some leading agencies.

There are no shortcuts… this is quality training from start to finish… RAID produces highly proficient and respected divers.


  • Prestigious and internationally recognized qualification
  • Fully online training system with lifetime access
  • Technical diving-orientated training agency
  • Electronic certification cards at no extra cost
  • Instructor mentoring during online theory training
  • The most modern and relevant syllabus focused on critical skills for greater diver proficiency
  • Choice of configuration from the beginning: single-tank backmount, twinset, sidemount or CCR
  • No skills or practice done on the knees! All training done in neutral buoyancy, horizontal hover
  • Training with the beginning in mind: the system prepares you for future advanced dive training
  • World-class instructors, selected for their passion, expertise and experience

To find out more, visit the RAID website.

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