Balanced Weighting For Scuba Divers

A secondary factor influencing cylinder choice is simply the availability of cylinders. Steel tanks are ubiquitous in cold and temperate water regions.

In contrast, you will rarely find steel tanks in tropical areas – aluminium is used almost exclusively. This is because, as mentioned, warm-water divers rarely need, or want, very negatively buoyant cylinders. Also aluminium is more suitable for hot, humid climates where oxidation is a bigger issue.

A third factor would be the gas supply demands of the diver. Aluminium cylinders are rarely available in capacity greater than 100cuft/15-litres, and are limited to 200bar/3000psi pressure. Steel cylinders are available in greater capacities; up to 20L volume and pressures of 300bar/4500psi. Thus, steel cylinders can supply the diver with much more gas.

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