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Originally posted 2018-11-05 06:10:15.

Bungee Secured Safety Spool

A configuration idea to setup a finger spool for safety use in wreck and cave diving


Here’s my approach to configuring a very secure, yet easy to deploy safety spool for overhead environment diving.

It works well for conducting emergency protocols in cave and wreck diving. Unlike some methods of setting up a spool, this method is quick  and intuitive to deploy, even in zero visibility.

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Tested and Evaluated Configuration

I have trialed this configuration with my technical wreck students, and they perform better during lost line and lost buddy drills as a result. I created this solution to specifically address the need for a quicker, more intuitive spool deployment when under pressure and with impeded visibility.

Safety Spool: Speed of Deployment

Speed is important during those protocols and pulling off the bungee retainer takes a second. That’s much faster than configurations that poke the line through a side-hole and wrap it repeatedly around the double-end bolt snap. Making these protocols faster can be important when divers are consuming gas and not proceding to an exit. Stress levels tend to rise the longer than a protocol lasts; and the more frustrated that the diver becomes trying to get it done.

Safety Spool: Intuitive Operation

This method is also a lot less confusing when you cannot see anything. It requires much less tactile feeling in the fingers, or coordination with the hands. Rather than unwrapping the line from a boltsnap and then trying to feed it back through the spool’s side hole, the diver merely pulls off the bungee and is ready to proceed.


I carry these on every dive as part of my recommended equipment for technical wreck.


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