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Philippines Underwater Archaeology, Shipwreck and Salvage Resources

This is my resource link page for useful information on Philippines underwater archaeology, shipwreck resources and information about marine salvage. With a rich maritime history, including lots of action during World War Two, the Philippines has an impressive collection of wrecks; many of which are yet to be discovered. This makes the Philippines a prime location for underwater archaeology, treasure hunters and technical scuba divers.

Please do let me know if you encounter any ‘dead’ links.

Philippines Underwater Archaeological Society

The Philippines Underwater Archaeological Society collates useful information about wrecks within the Philippines area of responsibility.

PUWAS Website

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Philippines Shipwreck Articles

These are some interesting articles about shipwrecks in the Philippines that I’ve found. Of course, my own site has a wealth of information on that topic also.

The Unique Wrecks of Subic Bay.pdf

War Machines: Inside the Wrecks of Coron.pdf

The Wreck of the USS New York.pdf

Philippines Underwater Archaeology and Salvage

Beads on Boats: The Relationship of Cargo to Philippines Historical Maritime Activity.pdf

Shipwreck First Evidence of Direct Trade With China.pdf

Protecting and Preserving the Underwater Cultural Heritage of the Philippines.pdf

Shipwreck Policies Throughout Asia.pdf

Shipwreck Asia – Thematic Studies in East Asian Maritime Archaeology.pdf

Earthenware Vessels of the Pandanan Shipwreck Site.pdf

Wreck Salvage in the Philippines.pdf

General Shipwreck Diving, Archaeology and Salvage

Anchoring on Shipwrecks.pdf

Deep Sea Shipwrecks- Science and Scandal.pdf

Diving Archeological Shipwrecks.pdf

History of Shipwreck Excavation in Asia.pdf

Human Remains on Shipwrecks.pdf

Rights to Ancient Shipwrecks in International Waters.pdf

Application of Salvage Law and the Law of Finds To Sunken Shipwreck Discoveries.pdf

Snagged Objects and Shipwrecks.pdf

The Art & Archaeology of Privateering.pdf

Understanding Behind Shipwrecks: Filling the Missing Gap of Local History.pdf

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Subic Bay Shipwreck Maps and Charts

Subic Bay Harbor Area Wrecks Chart.jpg

Shipwreck Chart – North Subic Bay.jpg

Shipwreck Chart – Nabassan Reef Area.jpg

Scarborough Shoal to Manila Bay Chart.jpg

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  1. Hi –

    I’m searching for any video’s of underwater shipwrecks from WW2 in the Manila Bay, Philipines. My Grandfather’s brother Ken Mills was killed in Feb. 1945 onboard – LCS (L) (3) 7 It was a smaller size battle ship. Three of these were hot & sunk by the Japanese suicide fishing boats. Is there someone/diver who has ever dove upon any of these in the Manila Bay?
    Doug Mills/Michigan

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