Jun Lao, showing some highlights of what Subic Bay has to offer to the underwater photographer and muck diving enthusiast….

muck diving subic bay

Macro shot of a sea snail


muck dive philippines

Paired Sea Horses


underwater photography philippines

Snooted photo of a Long-Nosed Pipefish


muck diving philippines

Thorny Sea Horse portrait


muck diving asia

Juvenile Hairy Frogfish


Bamboo shark subic bay

Bamboo Shark, Subic Bay


marine life subic bay

Coconut Octopus hiding in a chip packet


muck dive philippines

Short Nose (miniature) Pipefish


muck dive philippines

Tiny Goby on Whip Coral


muck dive philippines

Paired Thorny Sea Horses


muck dive philippines

Candy Crab on Anemone


muck diving philippines

Flabellina exoptata nudibranch


muck diving philippines

Eusenelops luniceps nudibranch


muck diving philippines

2x Juvenile Hairy Frogfish


muck diving subic bay philippines

Glossodoris nudibranch


muck diving photography subic bay philippines

Common Seahorse profile


Muck diving is only available in certain locations at Subic Bay, not often frequented by many of the dive centers there.  Contact Scuba Tech Philippines to book your photo-specific diving trips to Subic Bay – we know what you want to find 🙂

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