Originally posted 2019-08-07 20:37:15.

Question: What is the value of doing more training beyond my current level? 

Undertaking courses is (should be!) about acquiring new skills, knowledge, improving competencies and increasing proficiency.

If someone views courses as merely a means to obtain new plastic cards (“license acquisition mentality”), then the perceived value of training substantially diminishes.

You pay for training, and earn certification – you don’t pay to get a new card.

Sadly, far too many “pros” in the dive industry haven’t grasped that simple concept – and are guilty of peddling valueless courses purely on the basis of buying a “necessary license” to allow participation in X, Y or Z type of diving.

Avoid those types of instructors like the plague – they are, at best, incompetent educators and, at worst, disingenious salespeople.

If a training course doesn’t provide you with a clearly tangible increase in proficiency and knowledge, then you’ve simply been ripped off.



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