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XDeep Stealth 2.0 – Modifications – Low Profile Waist Buckle

by Andy Davis

This is a relatively cosmetic modification to the XDeep Stealth 2.0, but it’s something I’ve done on all my different sidemount rigs (6 and counting…).

I got the idea after using the Razor 2, which has a two-piece low profile buckle.  Most other sidemount BCDs, including the XDeep Stealth 2.0 and Tec, come with regular weight-belt type buckles.  I’ve suffered these buckles getting damaged, coming undone or becoming entrapped whilst passing through extreme restrictions on wrecks.

Using a low-profile buckle solves these problems and also offers a more snug fit.

XDeep Stealth 2.0 Modifications Waist Buckle

The modification needs only two components.  First a simple weight-retainer. Secondly, a three-slotted, flat buckle.  I had mine made to order out of decent quality marine-grade stainless steel, but you can find similar sliding-buckle designs for sale in climbing/sky-diving shops.

XDeep Stealth 2.0 Modifications Waist Buckle

To fit the buckle is very simple:

  1. Thread the waist-belt webbing through the weight-retainer.
  2. Thread the webbing through the first hole in the buckle and back on itself.
  3. Secure the webbing back through the underside of the weight-retainer.
To wear the buckle, you now only have to thread the free-end (right side) of the waist-belt webbing up through the centre hole then back on itself through the third hole.  Pull to tighten.
To release, simply pull up on the tab and slide the webbing out.

Note:  Sidemount Harness does NOT need to be quick release like a conventional jacket/wing BCD. 

XDeep Stealth 2.0 Modifications Waist Buckle


Note:  If you are going to try this for yourself, please seek expert tuition and ensure that you have conducted successful shallow-water practice with low-profile buckle before relying upon it on an actual dive.

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About the Author

andy davis technical diving philippines

Andy Davis is a RAID, PADI TecRec, ANDI, BSAC and SSI qualified independent technical diving instructor who specializes in teaching advanced sidemount, trimix and wreck exploration diving courses across South East Asia.  Currently residing in ‘wreck diving heaven’ at Subic Bay, Philippines, he has amassed more than 9000 open circuit and CCR dives over 27 years of diving across the globe.

Andy has published many magazine articles on technical diving, has written course materials for dive training agency syllabus, tests and reviews diving gear for major manufacturers and consults with the Philippines Underwater Archaeology Society.

He is currently writing a series of books to be published on advanced diving topics.  Prior to becoming a professional technical diving educator in 2006, Andy was a commissioned officer in the Royal Air Force and has served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Belize and Cyprus.

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