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Sidemount Hardware Custom Upgrade With SUMP UK

  Andrew Goring, at Sump UK, has been busy designing and producing some clever custom hardware for sidemount and rebreather systems. This metalwork can enable sidemount divers to carry out some nice modifications, tweaks and refinements to their sidemount rigs.

Sump UK

His sidemount hardware products include custom off-set D-rings, sliding belt buckles, sliding D-rings and much more…

Sump UK Custom Sidemount Hardware 1

The sidemount hardware metal work is all completed in well-finished marine-grade stainless steel.

Sump UK Custom Sidemount Hardware 1

I found the following sidemount hardware quite interesting…

Sliding Belt Buckle

The Sump  UK Sliding Belt Buckle is a great upgrade for any sidemount rig. I’ve used sliding buckles for many years – they are much more comfortable and snug than the standard ‘weight belt’ type buckle…. and less prone to entrapment or failure.

Sump UK Custom Sidemount Hardware 1 sliding belt buckle

Sliding Waist D-Ring

The sidemount sliding D-ring is also a very useful item – many sidemount divers search for these… and they are difficult to source.  These metal and plastic D-rings work much better than the ‘O-ring’ type.

Sump UK Custom Sidemount Hardware 1 sliding d-ring

Waist D-Rings

Sump UK produces a number of sidemount off-set D-rings.  These give options for equipment stowage on the waist.  There are choices for right-angle, flat or curved design; with 1, 2 or 3 attachment sections:

sidemount custom hardware 1

sidemount custom hardware 16sidemount custom hardware curved d-ringsidemount custom hardware right angle double d-ringsidemount custom hardware right angle d-ring 1

sidemount custom hardware rcurved triple d-ringsidemount custom hardware right angle double d-ring

Shoulder Attachments

SUMP UK’s shoulder attachments provide a variety of options to attach bungees, back-up torches, deco/stage cylinders etc…

sidemount custom hardware bungee ringsidemount custom hardware bungee attachmentsidemount custom hardware bungee retainer

This attachments fits at the rear crotch strap – it is useful if you wanted a quick-release point for the lower bungee on an XDeep Stealth 2.0 sidemount…. or to secure wing torso bungees, as is used on the XDeep Stealth Tec design.

sidemount custom hardware wing bungee crotch strap

These little hardwear pieces are a nice replacement for bolt-snaps when you need to secure torso bungees from your sidemount wing.

sidemount custom hardware wing bungee attachment

If you are building  a home-made sidemount harness, Sump UK also produces custom-built lumbar and shoulder plates, of different designs.  Some are very low profile/low bulk…

sidemount custom hardware sidemount plates

For details of stock and prices, contact Andrew directly in his SUMP UK Facebook page


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  1. Do you have anything available currently to hold a canister light battery on the crotch strap?

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