• Buoyancy:  35lbs / 8kg (optional redundant lift capacity bladder with 10 lbs/4.5 kg)
  • Material:  Outer – SuperFabric material with double ply 600 denier fabric| Inner –  420 denier nylon laminate
  • Weight:  5.75 lbs/2.61 kg
  • User Manual:  Not available
  • Manufacturer Link: DiveRite Nomad LTZ


I found that rig had both pros and cons.  I was impressed with the quality of materials used throughout; and the construction quality set off no alarm bells.  However, the DiveRite Nomad LTZ still seems like an American (Florida cave) style of sidemount BCD that was grasping to appeal to a warm-water, aluminum cylinder crowd… who’d always favor a truly modular and minimalist British (Mexico cave) style of rig.  (For an explanation of this, see The Two Schools of Sidemount Diving Heritage).

DiveRite isn’t the first manufacturer who’s tried to make a warm-water/tropical/recreational sidemount rig based on a cold-water/steel cylinder design heritage.  The Hollis SMS50 is another fine example of  a confused heritage that detracts from system performance.  For the record:  butt-plates are NOT optimal for aluminum cylinders.  Please start making them removable….

I wasn’t so sure about the big, bulbous ‘bag-on-the-back’ approach.  Other rigs have approached that problem using wrap-around, triangle or diamond shaped designs (i.e. Apeks and XDeep) to moderate the ‘rise’ of the bladder when fully inflated.

The redundant buoyancy option seemed slick – and the capacity provided would certainly work for me… within the diving ranges I’d be doing on a rig like this (up to 65m w/ 4 full ali cylinders).

I’m pleased to see DiveRite putting the LPI where it’s best suited… from the bottom left.  This gives an OPV on the right side for dumping when in trim.   The top-mounted OPV has uses when ascending through a vertical restriction in caves/wrecks.  It’d also simplify procedures for sidemount divers who struggle to dump air from the LPI during initial descent from the surface.

The DiveRite Ring bungees don’t work for me with aluminum cylinders.  They dangle too much, especially when the ali cylinders are moved forwards.  This leads to hopeless cylinder trim.  I’d definitely opt to replace the supplied ring bungees with a sliding loop bungee system.

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